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Not only are companies growing on an international scale, so are colleges and universities.  Of the 4 million foreign students attending school worldwide, 1.1 million of them attended school in the United States.

Despite that impressive figure, last year’s statistics revealed a sharp down-turn in that number.  Since 2017, the annual percentage of those students dropped by 4% in one year alone.  This statistic indicates that global competition for institutions of higher learning is heating up.

The best way for universities and colleges to meet this challenge is by growing their sites and services abroad through establishing international branch campuses.

However, this is not easily done.

Some of the hurdles for the host institution are:

  • Developing an experienced management team that can live abroad for years at a time
  • Acquiring high quality staff from a pool of candidates that are from diverse backgrounds
  • Working with the host country’s government and regulatory body
  • Developing a balance between home campus management and the branch campus management
  • Setting up finance systems between countries
  • Identifying and competing with domestic competitors
  • Teaching in different cultural contexts and students that are accustomed to different learning styles
  • Lack of research time for professors due to high contact time with students

Clearly, these obstacles are complex and require the knowledge and services of a professional that is intimate with the process.  You need an expert that understands these challenges and can meet them head-on; someone with the skills, expertise, and staff that can guide you through the process.

At American Education Advantage, helping your college or university open an external campus abroad is a top priority.  Through extensive interviews and research, Chris Herring and his AEA advisory team will help you prepare an assessment of what needs to be completed before you begin the process.

The benefits of working with Chris and his AEA team are significant.  By contracting us, your organization will be able to:

  • Have an external, unbiased view of the challenges, helping you reduce friction from multiple stakeholders in the project
  • Identify and address important key issues early on, saving your establishment two precious resources – time and money
  • Complete much of the mundane groundwork saving your workforce endless hours working on a project they don’t clearly understand
  • Use our expertise in this area so that your project of opening an external campus can move forward confidently
  • Access a vast network of relevant contacts ― giving you the ability to connect with vital professionals who can help you set up your campus

As your institution works through the process of setting up a satellite campus, AEA’s team will guide you through the task, reducing many of the difficulties and challenges that usually arise.

The most important step you must take is to contact Chris Herring and his AEA staff right now to begin the process.  Please contact American Education Advantage today as we have limited staff and time during peak periods.

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